Can Website Designing Land You A Job?

Today every industry, small, medium or large scale, is in a competition with its contemporaries. The market today is a very ruthless place but it is also a place of visibility. What consumers see, they buy. So, the roots of this competition lie in visibility and this is where websites come into the picture.

Every company today has a website describing its products and this consequently, has soared the number of wanted website designers in the market. Designing a website requires quite a number of skills and disciplines of web designing. And, if you think you can fulfill that requisite, you have a job in your hands.

Website Design Profiles
The different profiles that website design includes are:
* Interface Design

* Search Engine Optimization
* Writing proper content on websites
* Improving the user experience

The profiles above are just a few major ones of the many available. Also, they are both Front-end and Back-end included.

Now, coming to the major issue:

What does a website designer do?

The way website design happens today has drastically changed in comparison to the way it all started.
* Today, it is more about the experience of the user than anything else. So, the user should get the information she is looking for immediately and with ease. This is the most important job of the designer.
* The designer needs to be creative about the navigation of his page.
* He should know how to improve his page ranking in a search engine.
* He should know how his page could be used for advertisements and how it will be more effective?

Now, this means a designer should have decent coding and programming skills along with creativity. Both done in the right amount can lead to an amazing website design.

How is the pay?
The average Indian website designer has a salary of about 3 lakhs per annum. There are various job portals with designing requests that pay really well. The best part about this job is that it can be done from anywhere and for most people it is a part time job. However, for full timers the pay scale is definitely higher. The most important part to remember is that web designing is a job of skills. A man with talent gets paid higher than the others.

Where can you learn Web Designing?
The best part about website designing is that there is no fixed standard of a degree to become a designer. There are various online courses or even institutions that give you a full scale education on how to design and a certified degree along with the same. Working as a freelancer may not require a degree as such but as a full timer, usually such degrees are needed.

Lastly, it is a game of motivation and action. A little time invested into learning these skills can give you a handsome reward in terms of monetary profit and experience.

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